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Pure organic culinary matcha green tea powder from the USDA and EU certified organic farms in the high altitude regions Kagoshima, Japan. This matcha is made from second and later harvests in the year and hence suitable for multiple purposes including enjoying as refreshing matcha tea or in matcha lattes, smoothies, cake, desserts, cookies, pan cakes, cereals, etc. These leaves are shade grown, hand-picked, steamed, natural air dried and then stone ground into finest powder giving it a genuine and prominent umami taste.

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Perfectly balanced (all purpose) culinary matcha for tea, latte, cooking, baking, desserts, smoothies

This is pure and organic matcha green tea powder from Japan. Our matcha originates from the tea farms in the elevated regions of Kagoshima in Japan. The leaves are shade grown, hand picked (not machine harvested), steamed, air dried (not hot oven dried) and then stone ground into finest powder. Culinary matcha is usually made from later harvests in the year, Spring to Autumn. This higher grade culinary matcha has natural bright green color and is slightly bolder in umami taste for cooking, baking, desserts, smoothies, etc. Because our culinary matcha is high quality it can also be enjoyed as a matcha green tea or matcha latte, optionally with a sweetener of choice.

Get inspired by our matcha cake recipe using this culinary matcha powder.

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It should be noted that even organic Japanese matcha has several grades, depending on the freshness of the leaves, meticulous removal of stems and veins and the manufacturing process. Our culinary matcha is the higher grade tencha tea leaves. Many other websites, manufactures and distributors can claim matcha to be organic and sourced from Japan, which could all be true. However, not every organic Japanese matcha powder is same grade like our matcha. This matcha is made from shade grown leaves which are steamed and air dried naturally, which keeps the nutritional value intact . They are not dried by artificial heating process, just to speed up the processing time. They are then stone ground in finest matcha powder of 1-20 micron particle size. The fine, smooth and delicate quality of the tea ensures that you can easily mix and consume the whole powder and hence gain maximum nutritional benefits.

Pinnacle Matcha comes from organic certified farm by USDA and EU. The manufacturing process is FSSC22000 food safety compliant. From organic perspective, the farms in Kagoshima that this matcha comes from use natural methods to control pests and diseases such as high pressure water jet sprays and winds, instead of synthetic sprays.

This matcha green tea is vegan, gluten free, sugar free, pesticide free and non-GMO green tea.

Matcha green tea is known to have up to 137 times anti-oxidants and 10 times more nutrients than standard green tea. Matcha can repair damaged cells of the body and can prevent many degenerative diseases. Make matcha part of your daily routine and rejuvenate your skin, mind, body and soul.

Enjoy authentic, pure, organic, culinary grade and guilt-free matcha green tea – grown and processed in Japan.

Also, buy Organic Ceremonial Grade Matcha – smooth and delicate perfect for direct drinking as matcha green tea.

Read this blog to find out how matcha is different than green tea and the comparative health benefits based on recent research.

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Pure Organic Matcha Tea


Latte, cooking, baking, smoothies, desserts, cookies, pan cakes, cereals, etc.


50 grams (1 pack), 200 grams (4 packs)

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  1. PC Mehta

    I am using this Culinary Matcha Powder and found it excellent in taste and flavour. This Pinnacle Culinary matcha powder dissolves in water fully, needs just a little stirring in hot water.

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