Matcha Set (Matcha Whisk & Bowl With Spout)


Beautiful and high-quality functional Matcha Sets with matcha whisk and bowl.

All sets contain Hand-crafted Bamboo matcha whisk (100 prongs Chasen) and large matcha bowl with spout (Chawan – 600 ml)

  • Set 1: Matcha whisk and matcha bowl
  • Set 2: Matcha whisk, matcha bowl and matcha spoon
  • Set 3: Matcha whisk, matcha bowl and premium Japanese matcha powder (50 g)
  • Set 4: Matcha whisk, matcha bowl and premium matcha powder (100 g)


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Matcha Set items

Bamboo Matcha Whisk (Chasen 100 Prongs)

Bamboo matcha whisk is perfect for mixing and whisking matcha powder to create a foamy, uniform green tea and release the earthy and umami flavors of matcha. This is traditional Japanese style matcha whisk made from a single piece of bamboo. It has 100 fine, flexible, and naturally strong prongs (a.k.a. pondates), which ensure there are no clumps left when matcha is whisked, and it is evenly distributed to produce a rich lather.

  • Handcrafted
  • Made from single piece of bamboo
  • 100 prongs (pondates)
  • All natural and hygienic. No gloss or colors used

Large Matcha Bowl with spout (Chawan 600 ml)

Presenting a beautiful, practical and large matcha bowl, also known as chawan. Our matcha bowl is 600ml in volume, as compared to most matcha bowls which are 400-500ml in volume. This make it easier to whisk matcha for a rich, foamy and uniform matcha green tea. The broad base also makes it practical to mix matcha powder with a matcha whisk in a m or z-pattern. It is beautifully patterned on the outside with a pleasant texture to hold. These bowls have a pottery like touch, which feels authentic and traditional to use. The easy to pour spout makes sure there is no spilling when pouring matcha tea in another bowl or mug.

  • Chawan Dimensions: Height 7.7cm, Diameter 12cm, Volume 600ml
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Do not microwave
  • Multi-purpose – Use this bowl for matcha green tea, soup, salad, porridge and as a general useful kitchen utensil

Japanese Organic Ceremonial Matcha Powder (Premium)

Pure organic ceremonial matcha green tea powder from USDA and EU certified organic farms in the high altitude region of Kagoshima, Japan.

Made from highest quality, tender and young tea leaves. The leaves harvested from tea plantation are young and supple in Spring – shade grown, hand-picked, steamed, natural air dried and then stone ground into finest powder, without the veins and stems. This gives our matcha the Premium grade with high content of natural l-theanine amino acid. This ceremonial grade matcha has natural bright green colour, subtle umami taste and is perfect for direct drinking tea in the traditional way or as matcha latte.

Weight per pack: 50 g | 1.76 oz

Free Shipping

Country of origin: Japan

Organic Ceremonial Matcha Powder

  • Matcha powder from NASAA (National Association for Sustainable Agriculture Australia), USDA and EU certified organic farm
  • Ceremonial grade made from fresh, young and supple Spring tea leaves.
  • Fine and smooth with particle size less than 20 micron
  • Halal and Kosher certified
  • This matcha is purity and quality without compromise

Weight per pack: 3.52 oz | 100 gm

Free Shipping

Country of origin: China

Weight500 g

Matcha Whisk, Matcha Bowl, Set 1 – Whisk and Bowl, Set 2 – Whisk, Bowl and Spoon, Set 3 – Whisk, Bowl and Premium Japanese Matcha (50g), Set 4 – Whisk, Bowl and Premium Matcha (100g)


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