Matcha Chai Latte + Sweet Matcha Powder


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Matcha Blends Combo – Matcha Chai Latte + Sweet Matcha Tea Powder

  • Organic – Sweet Matcha Tea blend (100 g | 3.52 oz)
  • Organic – Matcha Chai Latte blend (100 g | 3.52 oz)
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This is a great offer to get a combo of versatile organic matcha blends – Matcha Chai Latte and Sweet Matcha for hot and iced drinks, lattes, smoothies and use in desserts, baking and cooking.

No hassle, no fuss – Add directly to hot/ cold water or milk for a healthy, luxurious and refreshing drink.

Make matcha part of your daily healthy diet and lifestyle.

Organic Matcha Chai Latte Mix (100g | 3.52oz)

This tea is a unique blend of rejuvenating matcha and detoxifying chai spices. We have combined ceremonial grade matcha green tea with chai spices like cinnamon, cardamom, clove, ginger, anise star – all in powder form, all organic and natural. No artificial colors or flavors added. Designed, crafted and blended in Sydney, Australia – this is potent, healing and cleansing matcha chai tea that will feel invigorating, healing and satisfying. The best that nature has to offer!

Sweet Matcha Organic Green Tea (100g | 3.52oz)

Sweet Matcha powder is organic and made with ceremonial grade matcha green tea. This matcha contains a hint of organic sweetness that makes using matcha in your daily routine quick and easy in variety of ways. This matcha blend has been crafted in Sydney, Australia with highest quality organic ingredients.

Use it to make instance iced lattes, shakes, cakes, desserts, cookies, pancakes, cereals. Sprinkle matcha on any sweet or savoury food and take it to the next level! 

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