3 packs of ORGANIC Ceremonial Japanese Matcha


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Set of 3 ORGANIC Japanese Ceremonial Matcha

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This matcha is pure and organic matcha green tea powder from Japan. It is premium grade ceremonial matcha, from the first harvest of young and supple leaves in Spring, for the most authentic experience and maximum health benefits.

ORGANIC ceremonial matcha is made from highest quality tea leaves from the Yabukita cultivar plantations in Japan. Only the young and supple leaves from the first annual harvest are handpicked to prepare this matcha green tea. The leaves are hand-picked (not machine plucked like industrial productions), steamed (not pan fried), natural air dried (not oven dried) and stone ground into finest powder. There are no veins and stems in this matcha powder. Our Ceremonial Matcha has natural bright green colour. It has authentic earthy or umami taste of matcha and perfect for direct drinking in the traditional ceremonial way. It can also be used for making matcha lattes or shakes.

High quality matcha green tea has up to 137 times more antioxidants and nutrients than some standard green tea. Matcha can repair damaged cells of the body. It can also prevent many degenerative diseases.

  • Drink matcha green tea as part of your daily healthy routine.
  • Rejuvenate your skin, mind, body and soul.

Consume it as green tea, matcha, honey, lemon tea or as matcha latte.

Sprinkle matcha on any sweet or savoury food and take it to the next level!

This matcha bundle is a perfect way to stock up your pantry with matcha for daily use and save when compared to individual buying. You can also share it with your friends and family and introduce them to the wonderful world of matcha!

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