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Organic Japanese Matcha Powder

These matcha powders are grown and harvested in Kagoshima, Japan. These products contain 100% pure matcha green tea. Organic ceremonial matcha is the highest grade matcha made from young and supple leaves of the Spring harvest. Organic culinary matcha is usually made from more mature leaves of the second or later harvests from the same farm in Japan. The single origin matcha farms that these matcha come from are USDA and EU certified organic and have FSSC22000 food safety standard compliance.

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All these pure matcha powders follow the same highest standard and certified manufacturing processes for utmost purity, authenticity and genuine flavor. All the matcha variety are Yabukita cultivar of Japan, the first officially certified and recognised matcha tea by Japanese Agricultural Society. Buy our pure and organic matcha products with confidence that you are buying quality without any compromise!

Organic Matcha Powder

This is pure, organic matcha powder from USDA and EU certified organic tea plantations in China. This matcha is ceremonial grade made from the harvest in Spring when the tea leaves are young and tender and hence the resulting matcha is smooth with maximum nutritional value and genuine umami flavour. Matcha powder has been independently tested for contamination and heavy metals. Particle size of matcha powder is 18 microns so it can be easily whisked and consumed as a whole as green tea or luxurious matcha latte. Buy this matcha with confidence that you are buying quality without compromise.

Weight: 100g

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Organic Matcha Blends

These are handcrafted, blended and packaged unique matcha blends in Sydney, Australia, that still offer the goodness of organic matcha enhanced with other natural ingredients.

Sweet Matcha Powder is 100% organic matcha with hint of sweetness from organic rapadura sugar. Rapadura sugar is the healthier form of sugar as it is unrefined and contains natural molasses, rich in iron. It does not go through the refinement process of white sugar and hence retains the natural goodness of cane juice. It has a slight caramel flavor. Sweet Matcha powder is best for instant shakes, smoothies, cakes, desserts, cereals, pancakes, etc.

Matcha Chai Late Mix is a unique blend of organic matcha powder combined with traditional chai spices such as cinnamon, cardamon, clove, ginger and star / anise. All ingredients are organic. This is best of the two worlds – rejuvenating matcha mixed with healing and detoxifying chai spices. This blend is best for daily lattes to put a spring in your steps and boost alertness and immunity.

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