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Matcha green tea powder

Matcha Benefits and Green Tea Comparison (2023 update)

Matcha and Green Tea are from the same source and have many similarities but is matcha better for you than green tea? Matcha has more health benefits than green tea. This is due to the specific growing, harvesting, preparing and consuming techniques of matcha, which give it enhanced nutritional value.
Matcha is good for bone health

Matcha Supports Strong and Healthy Bones

Matcha can be an indispensable part of our daily healthy routine and can greatly assist in keeping our bones, joints and tissues stronger for longer. Find out how matcha is good for strong bones, joints and tissues that hold them together.
Matcha cake

Matcha Cake

Matcha cake, containing matcha green tea powder, is vibrant green in color and has a slightly earthy flavor. Matcha powder adds an additional dimension to the cake, balancing the sweetness with subtle umami taste.
Matcha for brain function

Matcha for Brain Function

Matcha is one of the most potent natural sources of good nutrition to the brain. A small quantity of matcha can provide a combination of antioxidants, caffeine and L-theanine, all of which may assist in brain functions, improve mental health and reduce degenerative diseases.
Boseong tea plantation for matcha

South Korean Matcha

South Korea is a relatively new entrant in matcha green tea production. South Korean matcha production has some differences from Japanese matcha, which we discuss…

Matcha powder in spoon

Matcha for Skin Care

Matcha powder and green tea in general, have become highly popular as key ingredients in skin care and hair care products, especially in vegan and…

Matcha Tea Plant

How is Matcha made? What is Tencha?

Matcha green tea is made from Tencha, which are tea leaves that have gone through several processing steps after which they ground into fine matcha powder. Find out how tencha and matcha are produced.