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Matcha Cultivars

matcha cultivar

What are matcha cultivars and how does this influence the taste and flavor of matcha? We discuss this in the context of Japanese matcha tea cultivation and production. What is cultivar? The word cultivar means ‘cultivated (culti) variety (var), which…

Matcha for Skin Care

Matcha powder in spoon

Matcha powder and green tea in general, have become highly popular as key ingredients in skin care and hair care products, especially in vegan and chemical-free organic cosmetics. The benefits of matcha are immense on skin, both from drinking matcha…

Potential Side Effects of Matcha

matcha green tea cup

Does matcha have any harmful effects? Matcha tea is becoming increasingly popular in cafés around the world. Matcha or any green tea in general, in powder or leaf form, is widely believed to have extensive health benefits. But does Matcha…

Matcha and Green Tea Comparison

Matcha green tea powder
Matcha and Green Tea are from the same source and have many similarities but Matcha has much more health benefits and rejuvenating effects than green tea. This is due to the specific growing, harvesting, preparing and consuming techniques of Matcha, which give it enhanced nutritional value.