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Potential Side Effects of Matcha

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Things you should know about Matcha and why moderation is always the best approach Matcha is becoming increasingly popular in cafés around the world. It is perceived to boost energy levels and attention but with calming influence as well. But…

Matcha – Frequently Asked Questions

Matcha Green tea

Matcha Green Tea – The most common questions asked about Matcha by beginners What is Matcha? Matcha is basically green tea in the form of very fine powder with particles typically less than 20 microns in size. Matcha tea plants…

Comparison between Matcha and Green Tea

Ceremonial Matcha Powder
Matcha and Green Tea are from the same source and have many similarities but Matcha has much more health benefits and rejuvenating effects than green tea. This is due to the specific growing, harvesting, preparing and consuming techniques of Matcha, which give it enhanced nutritional value.