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Pinnacle Matcha – Quality Without Compromise, Sourced Sustainably

Matcha farm in Kagoshima, Japan

Pinnacle Matcha (TM) is owned by Pinnacle Consultants Pty Ltd, a Sydney based company, founded in 2000. In 2022, we forayed into sourcing and supplying the most premium quality and organic Japanese matcha green tea. After extensive market research and testing several products, we found that most matcha powders sold in the market are either poor quality (evident from texture or taste) or mixed with additives to reduce costs. So we decided to source and supply only the purest and premium form of matcha, grown in a sustainable way. The following things in our pure matcha powders ensure that our customers get only the best quality.

  • The tea plantations are in the high altitude farms in the Shizuoka and/or Kagoshima regions of Japan, where natural climate, misty mountains and pristine air and soil provide the purest conditions for tea cultivation.
  • The tea plants are shade grown for at least 20 days before harvesting. This enhances chlorophyll content within the leaves used to produce matcha, packing them with maximum amount of L-theanine and antioxidants – up to 137 times more than in some green teas.
  • The farms that our matcha is sourced from do not use any synthetic fertilisers or pesticides to ensure there is absolutely no contamination. Pests and diseases are kept away by a combination of high pressure blow winds and mist showers on plants. All natural and environmentally friendly.
  • The leaves are hand-picked (not machine harvested), steamed, air dried (not heat dried) and granite stone ground, ensuring the most natural and contamination free process. No artificial drying equipment is used, just to speed up the process.
  • The matcha powder is ground to 1 to 20 micron in size which makes it easier to consume when mixed with water and hence get the utmost health benefits without wastage.
  • Matcha manufacturing process is FSCC 22000 or ISO 22000 certified by International Standards Organisation.
  • Pure matcha products are certified organic by USDA, EU-BIO.
  • All pure matcha products have been tested for hazardous contamination.

In addition to pure matcha powders, we have also created world’s first 100% organic matcha blend – Matcha Chai Latte. This is a unique combination of rejuvenating and healing ceremonial grade matcha with detoxifying and immunity boosting Chai spices such as cinnamon, clove, ginger star anise and cardamom. All natural, crafted, blended and packaged in Sydney, Australia. Must try this out.

If you are new to matcha, please read our blog on ‘Frequently asked questions‘. To understand how matcha is actually made, refer to our blog on ‘Tencha’, that explains the process of making Tencha leaves, which is then converted into matcha tea. And we also have some recipes so you can make matcha part of your daily healthy routine, such as matcha latte.

Ceremonial Matcha Green Tea
Japanese Ceremonial Matcha

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