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  • Organic matcha powder, sourced directly from Kagoshima and Shizuoka regions in Japan
  • Farms certified organic by JAS, USDA, EU
  • Certified FSSC 22000 or ISO 22000 manufacturing standards
  • No artificial flavors or colors. Zero sugar. Vegan and gluten free
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Make matcha and green tea part of your daily diet with our Japanese – organic ceremonial matcha and organic culinary matcha. We have also created two matcha blends, hand crafted and packaged in Sydney, Australia – versatile, multi-purpose Organic Sweet Matcha Powder; and rejuvenating, detoxifying Organic Matcha Chai Latte. Why not buy matcha using our irresistible ‘matcha bundle’ deals that give savings on multiple products? Visit our matcha deals page to order now.

Our matcha bowl with spout and matcha whisk will complete your authentic matcha experience.

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FREE ‘Matcha Chai Latte’ on orders above $50.00

All matcha powder products are 100% organic with no artificial ingredients. Our pure Japanese matcha are made from the young and supple tea leaves and come directly from the Kagoshima and Shizuoka regions of Japan. These leaves are shade grown, hand-picked (not machine harvested), air dried (not artificial heat dried to speed up the process) and stone ground into best matcha powder which gives natural, bright green color, maximum nutritional value and authentic earthy or umami flavor to our pure matcha. We have diligently selected suppliers that have high altitude tea plantations, with pristine and natural cultivation practices, and have internationally recognized quality and manufacturing certifications. Buy matcha powder with the confidence that you are buying perfection and quality with no contamination or guilt. Our matcha products will give you utmost satisfaction and maximum nutritional benefits. Quality without compromise.

Matcha Benefits

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Matcha powder has more nutritional value than normal green tea, up to 137 times the amount of antioxidants (specifically EGCG) when compared to some green teas. These antioxidants and pro-oxidants can help repair damaged cells in the body and may prevent chronic diseases caused by cellular degeneration. A particular amino acid compound, called L-theanine, found in matcha green tea powder, is known to improve brain functions and help reduce cognitive decline.

Regular consumption of matcha can do wonders to your skin, physical health and mental well-being. Read more about matcha health benefits when compared to standard green tea. If you are new to matcha, read the FAQ blog to get started. Learn how to buy matcha like an expert. We aim to provide only research-based information in our blogs. If you have questions like ‘what does matcha taste like‘, ‘does matcha have caffeine’, ‘how is matcha made‘ and even ‘side effects of matcha‘, then please read our blogs further.

Matcha Grades

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Ceremonial Matcha is the top grade of matcha powder in which the fresh, young, supple leaves from the harvest in Spring are used and veins and stems are meticulously removed before grinding into the fine powder. Hence ceremonial matcha is not bitter and has a smooth, subtle, earthy or umami flavor intended to be consumed as green tea. It can be used to make luxurious matcha latte as well.

Culinary Matcha is made from more mature tea leaves from the later harvests and stems and veins may not be fully removed. Hence the resulting matcha powder may have more prominent flavor or a slightly bitter taste. Culinary Matcha is more suitable for use as ingredient in various recipes such as daily lattes, shakes, smoothies, cakes, cookies, desserts, etc. where it is mixed with other ingredients and used in larger quantities. That is not say the culinary matcha powder cannot be consumed as green tea as well, optionally with a sweetener of choice, e.g. honey and lemon. Culinary matcha has the same nutritional benefits as ceremonial matcha.

Matcha Recipes

See the gallery page for inspiration on how to use matcha powder and blends as an ingredient in almost any recipe. Enjoy these quick and easy matcha recipes.

Matcha cake
Matcha Cake

Japanese Green Tea (Sencha)

Premium Green Tea from Yame, Japan

Sencha Green Tea from Yame, Japan
  • Loose-leaf tea is sourced from the pristine tea gardens of Yame, Japan
  • Rich and flavourful experience with every sip
  • Crafted with care and attention to detail
  • Vegan, gluten-free, and free from artificial flavours and colours
  • Perfect for tea lovers who value quality and taste

Matcha, Health and Well-Being – Blogs and Recipes

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How to buy and judge matcha?

What are the things you should check prior to buying matcha and how to judge the quality of match you have bought? Buy matcha like and expert and with confidence with our practical tips. 
Matcha green tea powder

Matcha Benefits and Green Tea Comparison (2023 update)

Matcha and Green Tea are from the same source and have many similarities but is matcha better for you than green tea? Matcha has more health benefits than green tea. This is due to the specific growing, harvesting, preparing and consuming techniques of matcha, which give it enhanced nutritional value.
Young smiling woman having matcha

Matcha And Holistic Self-Care Tips

Looking and feeling your absolute best is not just about physical appearance but also about nurturing your inner self. It's about adopting a lifestyle that promotes overall well-being. This article provides tips on how to look and feel your absolute best with matcha and other tips.
Matcha is good for bone health

Matcha Supports Strong and Healthy Bones

Matcha can be an indispensable part of our daily healthy routine and can greatly assist in keeping our bones, joints and tissues stronger for longer. Find out how matcha is good for strong bones, joints and tissues that hold them together.
Matcha cake

Matcha Cake

Matcha cake, containing matcha green tea powder, is vibrant green in color and has a slightly earthy flavor. Matcha powder adds an additional dimension to the cake, balancing the sweetness with subtle umami taste.
Matcha with spices

‘Matcha Chai Latte’ – Better than cafe Chai Latte!

Our matcha chai latte powder is a unique combination of organic ceremonial grade matcha green tea powder and organic chai spices like cinnamon, cardamom, clove, ginger and anise star, with no additives such as milk solids, flavourings, stabilisers, emulsifiers or thickeners.
Matcha for brain function

Matcha for Brain Function

Matcha is one of the most potent natural sources of good nutrition to the brain. A small quantity of matcha can provide a combination of antioxidants, caffeine and L-theanine, all of which may assist in brain functions, improve mental health and reduce degenerative diseases.
Boseong tea plantation for matcha

South Korean Matcha

South Korea is a relatively new entrant in matcha green tea production. South Korean matcha production has some differences from…

Pure matcha in cup

Matcha Benefits by ChatGPT

This is a guest matcha blog generated by ChatGPT for us. We have published here verbatim. Concise and relevant information on matcha by OpenAI's ChatGPT.
Matcha Tea Plant

How is Matcha made? What is Tencha?

Matcha green tea is made from Tencha, which are tea leaves that have gone through several processing steps after which they ground into fine matcha powder. Find out how tencha and matcha are produced.
Matcha Latte

Matcha Latte

What is matcha latte? Matcha latte is made from two main ingredients – matcha (of course) and latte, which means…